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 karin2-200x300My Journey to Professional Photography

I call myself a Global citizen. I was born in Germany, married an Englishman, lived on 3 continents and 7 different countries.  In the end, we chose to make our home in  Australia.

For the last 15 years, we have live in Perth, Australia. I have operated my business in professional photography under the name of KS PHOTOGRAPHY for over 12 years. I was an Accredited Professional Photographer of the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) since 2013, but have stopped subscribing to this organisation, as I didn’t agree with their inflexibility during the pandemic. In 2020, during Covid, our lives changed and I relocated to Karratha to be with my husband during his FIFO tours.

In my earlier career, I studied History & Art in the UK with the aim of becoming a teacher once we moved to Australia. After teacher’s training and obtaining my Diploma in Education, I worked at a high school for 6 months. After this very short time, I already questioned myself: why did I do that? My passion has always been photography. It’s the one thing I wanted to do. At the age of 13, I saved up my pocket money, birthday and Christmas presents and bought myself my first SLR. In those days of course, it was a film camera and together with my brother we developed our own films and photos in his lab. Photography has always been my outlet in creativity and I never looked back.

In the beginning, my business focused on dance & ballet photography under the name & website of DANCE PHOTOGRAPHY. Once our children were old enough for me to do weekend work, I moved into wedding photography for several years.  The natural progression from wedding clients to young parents brought newborn photography to my attention.  I participated in a number of actual and online professional courses specifically for newborns. I was taught by some leading photographers in this field from Australia and the United States, such as Kelley Ryden, Ainslie Bernoth & Kelly Brown.  From my first newborn session onwards, I was hooked. I simply love newborn babies.  To be able to record this precious gift of life, the little fingers & toes, their gorgeous lips and wisps of hair, and capturing your newfound love to your baby, is one of the most joyful part in my professional photography.

Move to Nelson

A couple of hundred babies later, my husband’s company moved us to Nelson, a beautiful town on the South Island of New Zealand. As a small business owner, the transition to new country and clientele proved challenging, however, the business of Pink Fern Photography was soon established and I had quite a number of Kiwi babies in my studio.

Only to be moved back again …

18 months later, we were on the move again and moved back to Australia. A new challenge, re-connecting with clients and finding new ones. My google ranking had slipped and I barely made it on Page 3, let along Page 1 for a newborn photographer.

I missed Perth, it’s diversity, vibrancy & acceptance. Perth has so much to offer and believe me when I say that Perth people take it for granted sometimes.

Last year, Covid has brought new challenges and changes to my life. At present, I am residing in Karratha and I am offering newborn and family photography services as of April/May 2021. For more information, please contact me here.

Thanks for visiting my website

I hope you will enjoy browsing through my website pages. If you are interested in booking me for a newborn photography session, maternity or any other family or children shoot, please contact me for further information. I would love to hear from you and meet you. The most reliable form to contact me is through the Contact Form, as then I can respond as soon as I am free.

Thank you very much and I would love to meet you soon personally.


APP, Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Diploma in Education




AAPP WA Open Photographer of the Year 2009 – Runner-Up

AAPP WA Commercial Photographer of the Year 2011

AIPP Member from 2013-2020