Baby Boy Twins

Baby Boy Twins & “Big” Sister (14 months)

The purpose of this post is to show a full gallery of a Newborn Art Session for twins. I knew I was going to have my hands full, not only with newborn baby boy twins but also with their little sister. Incidentally, I had also photographed her as a newborn baby and I was thrilled when her parents came back for a second session. My studio was full, not only with the newborn boys, but also with the parents plus toddler sister as well as grandparents who were visiting from interstate.

Usually, with twins, I always try to have an assistant with me who can help me holding one baby, while I am getting the other one ready. It makes my workflow so much easier knowing that my assistant would look after the other baby and help to arrange both babies in baskets and props. My daughter, who has helped me numerous times with newborn twins, is brilliant anticipating what I want to do. In addition, she also knows how to safely hold and handle babies such as for example the potato sack pose.

My standard image number for newborn art photography sessions is 40 images. However, with twins, this allowance is slightly higher, especially when there are also younger siblings involved. I strongly believe that each twin should receive individual photographs as well as photographs with the sibling together. So straight away, the usual allowance must be higher than 40. How could I not give the parents all those precious images with Hazel and her little brothers? They are just too cute and I hope that the parents will love to see her interaction with the boys.

My absolute favourite part of newborn twin photography is when you place the twins next to each other. Often it doesn’t matter whether they are skin on skin or just touching. The bond that twins share is so obvious to me, as usually they instantly calm down and seem to enjoy being close to each other. I just love watching them. ❤️

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