Family Portraiture Bushland

Family Portraiture Bushland

What is my ideal family to photograph for a session? Those families whose kids behave like kids! Interested in other things, distracted by sounds & the environment, playful, shy, goofy, willful, independent and wanting to do their own thing. This Family Portraiture Bushland session was amazing.

Why would I want clients like that, I hear you say? Simply because those kids are genuine and showing me how they are at this stage of their life. The photographs I end up with for a session are perhaps not all picture-perfect, but what would you define as picture-perfect? Those photographs where children smile for the camera on command? Or those who are interacting with mum & dad and where you can see the spirit of the child. Personally, I would always prefer the latter.

However, when it then comes down to narrowing down to 20 images for a Short & Sweet session, I want to give my clients “the whole child”. All the faces, all the goofing and the whole character. I hope this gallery shows exactly what I mean by what I am saying. This family received 43 images instead of 20 simply because I couldn’t deny the parents the fun and faces of their kids.

Family Photography mini sessions are available for $495 for 20 images on USB. For more information please visit here.


Baby Boy Twins

Baby Boy Twins & “Big” Sister (14 months)

The purpose of this post is to show a full gallery of a Newborn Art Session for twins. I knew I was going to have my hands full, not only with newborn baby boy twins but also with their little sister. Incidentally, I had also photographed her as a newborn baby and I was thrilled when her parents came back for a second session. My studio was full, not only with the newborn boys, but also with the parents plus toddler sister as well as grandparents who were visiting from interstate.

Usually, with twins, I always try to have an assistant with me who can help me holding one baby, while I am getting the other one ready. It makes my workflow so much easier knowing that my assistant would look after the other baby and help to arrange both babies in baskets and props. My daughter, who has helped me numerous times with newborn twins, is brilliant anticipating what I want to do. In addition, she also knows how to safely hold and handle babies such as for example the potato sack pose.

My standard image number for newborn art photography sessions is 40 images. However, with twins, this allowance is slightly higher, especially when there are also younger siblings involved. I strongly believe that each twin should receive individual photographs as well as photographs with the sibling together. So straight away, the usual allowance must be higher than 40. How could I not give the parents all those precious images with Hazel and her little brothers? They are just too cute and I hope that the parents will love to see her interaction with the boys.

My absolute favourite part of newborn twin photography is when you place the twins next to each other. Often it doesn’t matter whether they are skin on skin or just touching. The bond that twins share is so obvious to me, as usually they instantly calm down and seem to enjoy being close to each other. I just love watching them. ❤️

Are you expecting twins? Do you know of anybody who is expecting twins? Trust an experienced and certified photographer to capture these special moments when they are still so tiny. Please share this post to anybody who is expecting twins. Thank you.

Session for Charity – YouthFocus

Book a full newborn or family session for charity at a massive discount

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My son Richard is taking part in this year’s charity cycling event “Hawaiian Ride for Youth”. The Hawaiian Ride for Youth is held annually in March across 4.5 days with riders covering over 700kms on their way from Albany or Jurien Bay to Perth to raise funds and awareness for Youth Focus. While cycling through towns in WA’s South West, Great Southern, Wheatbelt and Central, the riders visit high schools to engage with students on issues of youth suicide, depression, anxiety and self-harm.

I would like to support Richard and his team by donating $700 to their fundraising effort.  Over the past few months, his training and dedication of this event is totally admirable, spending early mornings during the week (before work!) and Saturday morning preparing for this huge task. The way I thought I could help, is to offer a little bit of my time and I came up with the concept of a “Session for Charity”.  This session is one full newborn or family session at a discount and 100% of that fee will be donated to his team. This way, my customers, Richard’s team and Youth Focus are all in a win/win situation and my contribution is my skill & time.

Session for Charity

Here is the deal:

  • full newborn art session or family portraiture session for $700 (normal price $995)
  • 40 high-resolution digital files on USB
  • professionally edited
  • colour & b&w
  • low-resolution files for social media
  • complimentary 4×6 prints
  • for full details of the session, please follow the links above

Terms & Conditions:

  • full fee of $700 is due upon booking (which will go straight to Richard’s team)
  • only one session available at this price
  • “first come, first serve” basis
  • not available for existing customers

To book this amazing offer for Youth Focus, please fill out the booking form here. Please note, this is my standard booking form, please mention “Ride for Youth” in the box under “Who can I thank for the recommendation?” to receive this deal.

Family Portraiture in Park

Family Portraiture Updates

When is the last time you had a professional family photography session done? Family Portraiture updates are so important for the preservation of memories. Children are growing up so fast and it’s so important to capture them regularly with their parents, grandparents and aunties & uncles.

Very often my clients book me to celebrate an important milestone birthday or a special anniversary. What better birthday gift can you give than beautiful professional family photographs?

I had so much fun with this gorgeous family.  We captured every possible combination of family photographs, as family portraiture is not just a picture of all of them together. In every extended family session, I make sure that everybody gets their turn. When you look back at family photographs, don’t you wish you had a really nice photograph with just your mum or just your dad? Or perhaps with nanna or grandpa? All too often I hear from parents that the last time they had a professional photograph taken of just the two of them was at their own wedding.

For more information on my family session, please visit family portraiture.

Large Family Portraiture Session

Large Family Portraiture Session

Summertime in Perth is the time when families from overseas or interstate are visiting. Often it is a chance to catch up with each other, never quite sure when the next time is going to be when everybody is able to get together. When it happens, cousins get together and have fun, sisters catch up in person and not just through skype, and grandparents love having their children and grandchildren around them. This amazing family had a special reason to book a family portraiture session: a Golden Wedding Anniversary. It is such a beautiful gift to the parents to supply them with fresh family photographs. I know from my own parents, that this is really all they want. Plus at the golden age – what other really meaningful present do you give them? Very often they already have everything they want or need in their house.

Photographs like this don’t just happen without planning. Upon booking, I always advise my customers how to plan outfits so that photographs will look harmonious. On the day of the session, when I photograph a large family like the one below, I always make sure to mix up the different families and groups. Naturally, it is important to get a photograph of everybody together, but it’s also important to give each family time. So for this family, my plan was as follows: group photo of everybody, each family unit, each couple, siblings together, all cousins together, grandparents with grandkids, grandparents with their daughters, adult sisters plus individual shots of everybody. Quite a list and quite a number of photographs to get done in a short space of time.

For full information on booking a family portraiture session please click here.