Happy First Birthday little Evelyn

Happy Birthday little Evelyn – Cake Smash Photography Outdoors

We planned this family photography session in a park in Perth to celebrate little Evelyn’s first birthday with a cake smash. It was a gloomy evening and the light wasn’t ideal, however, we were grateful it wasn’t raining. At the beginning, Little Evelyn was perhaps a little hesitant and preferred the meringues over the cake. However, she soon got into it and in the end smashed the whole cake. Naturally, her big brother helped, claiming to be “starving” so he had a few big bites of the cake too.

Cake Smash Photo Session can easily be organised in a park, bushland or beach. It has a more casual feel to it. For more information on my cake smash photography, please click here: Cake Smash.

This cake smash photography session took place in Harold Boas Park.

Little Vanya – 3 weeks new ❤️

Little Vanya –  the little “Hmari Laado”

To those of you who don’t speak Hindi “Hmari Laado” means “Princess, God gifted to us” – how beautifully descriptive is this nickname. This gorgeous little girl was such a smiler during her session. Prior to the photo shoot, I had the pleasure of meeting her parents at their maternity session. It’s always lovely to progress from Bump to Baby. This way, you know the parents already and I get quite excited about meeting the new baby. As the family is of Indian descent, I especially purchased a brand-new dupatta to wrap her in. I chose a colour I really liked and hope to be able to use it with my Indian baby girls. Of course, if a mum has their wedding dupatta or sari to bring along, that would be even better and so personal. In preparation for any little Indian boys, I also bought a red scarf, which I can drape around a baby boy. Thank you, Pallavi, for also bringing along a little bindi for Vanya’s forehead. ❤️

Happy Birthday little Logan

First Birthday Portraiture Session for Little Logan

Logan has just had his first birthday and mum had planned a photo shoot for quite a while. We arranged to meet early in the morning in some bushland which was lucky, as the day turned out to be a hot one. I brought along a little wicker chair, balloons and my little red cart. The brief to the parents was to be natural with their son, play, cuddle and just show me the love they have for their little boy. The session lasted about an hour, but I got a lovely variety of shots. Here are 20 to show you, but the parents ended up with 45 images. I hope that in years to come they will look back at these photos of their little boy when he no longer as little as this. It’s such a special time, and I felt honoured capturing their love for each other.

I am offering this particular photo session at the same price as my cake smash, which is $395. This is a very special price given the fact that my standard family portraiture prices start at $495. However, all my packages for a family session with children under the age of 1 are discounted. I firmly believe the first year is so special, that parents should get as many photographs as possible. It’s an hour’s session and you will receive 30-40 high-resolution images on a USB stick. Images in black & white and social media reduced files are complimentary. You can arrange an outdoor session just like, at a local park or at the beach. Please contact me if you would like to have a chat about your baby’s portraiture. Thanks. 🙂

Outdoor Cake Smash – a whole family celebration

Outdoor Cake Smash – A Family Celebration

This outdoor cake smash was always meant to be a whole family celebration of the little girl turning one. We arranged for the session to take place outdoors because the family wanted to have photographs with the dog too. Don’t they say “never work with children or animals”? Well, during this session I was working with both and it was great fun. The dog ended up joining in the cake eating and smashing.

Balloons, hair crowns and coloured puffs were provided by me and the parents brought the cake, helium ONE and the 1. I also brought along the white blanket and chair.

An outdoor cake smash can easily be arranged and is available at the same price as the studio one. It gives the added advantage that we can take family portraits before the cake smash. This way, you almost get two for one photo shoots. For more information please click here Cake Smash for one-year olds.

Sitter Session – Little Amelia

Sitter Session – Milestone Photography

I photographed little Amelia as a newborn baby and remembered her gorgeous big eyes. But cuteness overload entered my studio when she came back for her sitter session. She was confidently sitting up in my little bowl, although it proved a little hard to tease some smiles out of her. She was looking around with her big eyes taking it all in. But when she did smile, her whole face lit up. So gorgeous!

A Sitter Session is part of my milestone packages, which are priced at $295. I guarantee 10 images from the session, which usually lasts about an hour. I am presently in the process of buying, collecting and making several outfits for these sessions. Not just for girls, but for boys as well. For example, this little romper and brown tutu in the images below can be borrowed for the shoot.