Happy First Birthday little Evelyn

Happy Birthday little Evelyn – Cake Smash Photography Outdoors

We planned this family photography session in a park in Perth to celebrate little Evelyn’s first birthday with a cake smash. It was a gloomy evening and the light wasn’t ideal, however, we were grateful it wasn’t raining. At the beginning, Little Evelyn was perhaps a little hesitant and preferred the meringues over the cake. However, she soon got into it and in the end smashed the whole cake. Naturally, her big brother helped, claiming to be “starving” so he had a few big bites of the cake too.

Cake Smash Photo Session can easily be organised in a park, bushland or beach. It has a more casual feel to it. For more information on my cake smash photography, please click here: Cake Smash.

This cake smash photography session took place in Harold Boas Park.