How to choose your newborn photographer ?

How to choose your newborn photographer?  0625019-300x200

Are you expecting a baby and do you feel overwhelmed by all the choices you have to make? Cot beds, prams, car seats, medical cover, baby listener as well as a baby photographer?

Although I can’t give you any advice on how to choose the rest of the items, I can provide you with information on the nature & professionalism of newborn photography.

How to choose your newborn photographer gives you advice what to check out before booking. This page gives you an insight into my personal, business and ethical opinion of what is important to me! Hopefully, reading through my analysis will give you a clearer idea of what to look for when browsing websites, and what to ask for when it comes to making enquiries.


Baby Photography has become incredibly popular over the last 5-7 years. With the increase in popularity, so has the number of baby photographers offering their services to the public. So how do you choose your newborn photographer with such big differences in skill levels, experience as well as pricing?

Quality & Style of Images

Naturally, you need to like the style and quality of images a photography business displays. Check out the website and determine whether you see plenty of different babies, poses, props and accessories. Remember, every photographer would sensibly only display the best of her/his work!! Websites are our display windows. If the images online are not that great, please ask yourself what the rest of the images are like?

Apart from personal taste, there are a number of considerations that should definitely also be on your checklist:


In my opinion SAFETY would be the most important consideration if I was to look for a photographer for my newborn baby.


You may have asked friends and relatives to consider vaccination again Whooping Cough, but have you thought of asking your newborn photographer when she’s had her’s last immunisation?

Experience / Training

How many babies has your photographer handled? Has she/he been trained or attended courses in newborn photography?

Safe Posing

Most professional photographers work under the concept of “safe posing” of babies. As you would know, their necks are incredibly fragile and most adults understand that their heads should be supported at all times. “Safe Posing” is understanding that a baby should never be left unsupported or without constant supervision.


This is an example of Safe Posing. It sometimes requires the photographer to take two images and merge them into one final image. In this example, baby’s head was not safe to be left unsupported.  A skilled photographer achieves this image post shoot through programmes such as Adobe Photoshop.  A professional photographer would never comprise a baby’s safety over just “getting the shot”.


Unlike some other businesses, there is no regulatory body to supervise the practices of photographers in Australia. The only country wide recognised body is the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers (AIPP) where photographers can apply to become accredited members.

  • Is the photographer’s business registered with the Australian Business Register and has she/he got an ABN number?
  • If the business is operated from home, is it registered with the Local Council and licensed? Has the business the council’s permission to operate from home?
  • Is the photographer insured against public liability?
  • Is the photographer a member of a professional organisation such as for example the AIPP? Is she/he an Accredited Professional Photographer?


Please be aware that there are plenty of photographers who offer newborn photography. They run their business through Facebook with no experience as working as a professional photographer or with newborn babies, let alone be registered or insured. Sure, they may charge a lot less for their time, however, you will not get the same results as you would get from a photographer who specialises in newborn photography.

Every photographer has their own reason for structuring prices and I am not voicing any opinions on what is right or wrong. However, here are some points to look out for:

  • Are the prices transparent or are there any hidden costs?
  • Can you choose online or do you have to re-visit the studio for selection? Could this possibly lead to pressure selling?
  • Does the photographer offer ways to spread the load? Gift Vouchers, Credit Card or instalments?
  • Will you be able to obtain digital images?


If a friend recommends a photographer, please take the above points into consideration. You need to find a photographer who you can trust with your precious new baby. And your friend’s recommendation may not necessarily be enough. Also read up on reviews of the photographer on Google or on Facebook.

And although pricing is important, it’s not everything.

I hope this page helped you to understand the important factors of choosing your newborn photographer.