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Not sure if you want the Newborn Art Photography, the Lifestyle or the “Short & Sweet” Package? Compare my packages here:

This page will give you clear information on my styles and compare packages & contrast my different approaches. Often the choice between them is more complex than just cost. I have had customers who have mentioned reasons such as: “less fuss”, “two year old toddler in tow”, “husband can only take lunch break”, “less formal approach”, “more natural”. So below are all approaches in a nutshell which lets you compare packages of my Newborn Photography.

Newborn Art Photography

  • 2-3 hour photo shoot with time to allow for numerous different prop set-ups, colour changes and outfit changes  0731042-300x200
  • relaxed atmosphere as in-between feeding and settling is all part of the session
  • more time-consuming set-ups will be attempted: undressed baby shots, tub shots and beanbag poses
  • Individual shots with mum & baby and dad & baby
  • Close-up shots of feet, lips, eyelashes etc.
  • At least two different family set-ups
  • 40 images high-resolution digital images

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“Short & Sweet” Package – my Mini Newborn Photography Session

  • Affordable yet professional quality, set-up and service  0675013websize-300x200
  • Pre-shoot telephone consultation to discuss preferences in colour schemes and set-ups
  • Two different colour set-ups
  • Quick and easy 1-hour shoot
  • 20 of the best images will be chosen for you and sent as high-resolution files on USB
  • Ideal if your partners have already gone back to work or if baby has older siblings

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“Lifestyle” Package – my home visit Newborn Photography Session

  • Documentary style photography capturing your joy of having your new baby at home
  • Detail shots of nursery set-up and baby in cot
  • Family photographs in Parent’s bedroom on bed
  • Two Basket Set-ups provided by KS PHOTOGRAPHY
  • Macro Shots of Baby’s details – eye lashes, mouth, hands & feet
  • Mum & Dad individual portraits with baby
  • (Siblings photographs included if applicable)
  • All inclusive price
  • 70 high resolution digital images

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If you are still not sure which package to go with, please give me a call on 0434 704701 to discuss it. Maybe you have your own specific reasons, which you can discuss with me. Thanks.