Family Portraiture Bushland

Family Portraiture Bushland

What is my ideal family to photograph for a session? Those families whose kids behave like kids! Interested in other things, distracted by sounds & the environment, playful, shy, goofy, willful, independent and wanting to do their own thing. This Family Portraiture Bushland session was amazing.

Why would I want clients like that, I hear you say? Simply because those kids are genuine and showing me how they are at this stage of their life. The photographs I end up with for a session are perhaps not all picture-perfect, but what would you define as picture-perfect? Those photographs where children smile for the camera on command? Or those who are interacting with mum & dad and where you can see the spirit of the child. Personally, I would always prefer the latter.

However, when it then comes down to narrowing down to 20 images for a Short & Sweet session, I want to give my clients “the whole child”. All the faces, all the goofing and the whole character. I hope this gallery shows exactly what I mean by what I am saying. This family received 43 images instead of 20 simply because I couldn’t deny the parents the fun and faces of their kids.

Family Photography mini sessions are available for $495 for 20 images on USB. For more information please visit here.