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Karratha Lifestyle Newborn Photography




It is such an exciting time in your life bringing your new baby home from the hospital. You have prepared for his or her arrival, decorated a nursery, bought new toys, a cot and new clothes. My new Karratha Lifestyle Newborn Photography package is documenting this journey for you. Consequently, I come to your home and photograph your family in a relaxed, casual and natural style. My aim is to capture your excitement, joy and emotion of finally having your baby home.

However, you don’t need to miss out on beautiful studio-style newborn shots of your baby. My in-home service includes those special shots of your newborn in a basket, crate or on a beanbag. As I bring along a light, you don’t need to worry that your home might not have sufficient natural light.

Although it is wonderful to capture your newborn baby in the first couple of weeks, this style of photography doesn’t necessarily require a strict timeframe. If your baby is already a little bit older, he or she may already focus on your face, listen to your voice and perhaps even starting to smile. For the purpose of this style of photography, any stage is lovely to capture, as it’s documenting the change your baby has brought to your lives.

The Big Plus of Lifestyle Photography

The advantage of a lifestyle newborn photography session is that I will come to you, so you don’t have to worry about driving to my studio with a new baby. This may be especially reassuring if you’ve had a difficult birth, a c-section or if you also have an older toddler who you’d need to get ready as well. Toddlers are often so much more relaxed at home, as they are not being pulled out of their familiar environment. They can carry on as normal, while I focus on your newborn.

Did I mention pets? I have a strict “no pets” policy for my studio, however, this, of course, doesn’t apply to your home. If your fur baby was the first baby in your home and is part of the family, I’d love to capture those images too.

The other big plus is that Lifestyle Photography is not staged or posed. My aim is to capture all of you as natural as possible with your baby with no (or very little) guidance. You don’t need to smile to the camera or say “cheese” although I would like you to smile at each other and at your baby. All you need to do is enjoy your gorgeous family and let me do the shooting.

How to prepare for a Lifestyle Newborn Shoot?

I will mainly photograph areas of your house where you are usually spending most of your time as a family, so this could your living room or it may be your master bedroom. You could prepare for the session by decluttering these areas a little so that you can enjoy the resulting images afterwards. However, do not worry too much about having everything perfect. Lifestyle Photography is all about capturing your beautiful chaos that goes with having a new baby. I have been there, done that, so I fully understand what it’s like.

What to wear?


Personally, I love pure white on babies so my usual suggestion is a plain, white onesie but of course, you can dress baby in anything that is important to you that you would like photographed. I will bring swaddles but if you have any you love please have them out and the same goes for blankets.  Additionally, I will always bring along a couple of white outfits, hats and headbands so that you have a bit of a choice just in case you want to change things up.


Although lifestyle photography is a natural setting, I don’t really want to see you in your Spongebob pyjamas. 😉Consequently, you need to find comfortable outfits that don’t look too formal and unlike you in your own home. My suggestion for mums is to wear a neutral coloured camisole or t-shirt for skin-on-skin images. Anything white, grey, beige photographs beautifully against your baby’s skin. However, if you are worried about upper arms, throw on a little cardigan, shawl or blouse to create a soft look. Alternatively, maxi dresses work really well if you have one. Try to avoid tight clothing besides camisoles/t-shirts.


In my opinion, Jeans and light coloured/white t-shirts work best. I know we wear shorts in Australia, but perhaps for this occasion, we could make an exception and wear long trousers i.e. jeans or chinos.


Strong colours such as dark pinks, greens or blues will result in a colour cast on baby’s skin. Consequently, please choose some plain, light coloured clothing for the siblings. Also, please avoid large brand names or printed cartoon characters on t-shirts for kids. 

How long will the session take?

I estimate to spend a couple of hours with your family but this timeframe is flexible.  After all, it all depends on baby’s feeding and settling. If older siblings are involved, then this may take a little longer as well.

What kind of photographs will be taken?

Parents Bed

  • Several family portraits relaxing on the bed
  • Individual shots of baby
  • Baby and siblings (if applicable)


  • Baby in cot
  • General decor
  • If requested, mum feeding baby

Newborn (colours will always include white, but the second colour will be your choice).

  • Baby on beanbag
  • Baby in basket
  • Baby in crate

If applicable, other possibilities or activities could include

  • photographs with the family pet
  • older brother or sister helping to bath baby
  • portraits of older brother or sister on their own

Post Production of Images

Believe me, I will take lots of photographs! My first job of post-production is sorting out the keepers and I will then professionally edit all of the selected images. I’ll crop, adjust and perhaps take out a bit of grain and sharpen. Some images will be supplied in b&w while others can stay in colour as it just depends on which look is more suitable for the image. You will receive all images as high-resolution files on a USB stick as well as low-resolution files optimised for sharing on social media.

Maternity Session

You can add a maternity session to the “Karratha Lifestyle Newborn Photography” for an additional $250. 10 images will be added to your USB from that session.



Please note that to book this package, a Booking Deposit of $150 is due upon booking. The remaining $845 is due 3 days before the shoot.

If you would like to discuss this package in more detail you can either phone me on 0434 704701 or contact me through the Contact Form. Alternatively, you can set up your booking right now on this page Booking Lifestyle Session.

* Price is based on your home located in a 30 km radius around Karratha. An address outside this radius will attract a distance and time surcharge.