Little Felicity Newborn Photography

Little Felicity – a typical newborn art photography session flow

Little Felicity Newborn Photography. Felicity was a super easy baby to photograph. I could quite comfortably move her from one prop to the next and gave me plenty opportunities to give parents a big variety for their gallery. This is a typical session for my Newborn Art Photography. I ended up with seven different coloured bowls, props and wraps and one beanbag set up. You can see from the sequence of images that I started with a pink tight wrap, gradually peeling out her hands and arms for the cream wrap. Once in the cream wrap, I added another cream scarf over the top. Dad helped me with with the tub photographs by supporting Felicity’s head at all times. The transition to the coloured lace fabric was straightforward and little baby was so sleepy, that I could peel off even more to pop her into the yellow set-up. After that she needed a feed though, which gave me a chance to set up fresh colours and the beanbag. Happy on a full tummy, Felicity gave me some gorgeous open eye photographs on the beanbag. She fell asleep again so I finished the session off with a white set-up. Wrapping her up again in lilac, we then focused on parent photographs (which are not displayed here). Fast asleep, I couldn’t resist having one more basket set-up, capturing her many faces during sleep.

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