Milestone Photography – Mini Sessions during Baby’s First Year

Affordable Milestone Photography or 100 Day Photography



 Mini baby milestone photography session (in studio, Iluka, Perth) or an outdoor location near Joondalup

10 high resolution files on USB

Recording your baby’s milestones during the first year is one of the most treasured possessions of any parents. Their growth and development is so incredible that only capturing them as newborns and perhaps one year old’s doesn’t quite seem enough. This is why I am introducing my mini sessions “Milestone Packages” to Perth.

Milestone – “The Smiler” or 100 Day Celebration

You will have experienced the joy of seeing your baby smile and respond to your voice and face after about 2 months. Their first smiles are so awesome to watch and wonderful to capture in a special “Smiler” session. Session should be booked ideally when baby is “reliably” smiling at about 3 months.

If your culture celebrates the 100 Day milestone of your baby, I’d be honoured to photograph your baby for this important event.

Milestone – “The Sitter”


By the age of 6-7 months, babies can usually sit unaided by themselves. This new milestone of your child sitting independently is also a wonderful time to book this session.


Session Time

To make this package affordable the allocated time for a milestone session is 30-45 minutes. Please understand that for that reason, I would require baby to be fully fed shortly before arriving at the studio in Iluka (Joondalup, Perth). Usually babies are happiest when just fed so we should be able to start shooting shortly after your arrival. If we are very lucky, little one might even drift off to sleep for a little while – remembering that after all, we are still dealing with a young baby.

Prop / Colour Set-up

Although my studio and equipment is mainly set up for newborns in mind, I am continually adding to my selection of bigger outfits and hats. I would encourage you to also bring a favourite outfit or dress to the session.

Post Production

As a professional photographer, price calculations also take into consideration the time it takes for post production of images. A standard session requires sorting, editing & preparing of at least twenty images.  With this package, I will pick my favourite 10 images for you and prepare digital images on a USB stick. No time is spent on uploading images on an online gallery or waiting for an order to come in. My post production time is therefore almost cut in half which results in your saving.

Book more than one and save

If you wish to book more than one Milestone Session, here are some further savings:

“Smiler” + “Sitter” = $490 (Saving of $100)

Either “Smiler” or “Sitter” + “Cake Smash” = $550 (Saving of $140)

“Smiler” + “Sitter” + “Cake Smash” = $795 (Saving of $190)


  • I will consult with you prior to the shoot to determine two different colour schemes / set-ups
  • If possible, I will try to capture sleepy photographs
  • The shoot will last approximately 30-45 minutes


Please note that to book this package, you can either phone me on 0434 704701 or contact me through the Contact Form.