Little Miss Mackenley ❤️ – Behind the scene video

A big thank you to my daughter AJ who took this behind the scene video footage of a recent newborn photoshoot of little baby girl Mackenley. In essence, these mini clips show my love for my job – the calmness, the patience, the dressing up and the attention to detail. Every single baby will get my undivided attention and care. Most of my little hats and blankets are handcrafted by myself and seeing them worn by my baby client brings me the greatest joy.

Behind the Scene

The behind the scene video also shows my home studio. I have a large room set up in our house adjacent to a comfortable living space sitting area. One side of the room is shelving full of blankets, baskets, tubs and studio equipment. On the opposite side is my huge Lastolite light box.  This light box produces soft light for all my portraiture work. It offers consistency as well as the same light all year around at any time of the day. When you work with natural light only, you are very dependant on good daylight. With my lightbox, I have the equivalent of a huge window with consistent light all day and every day.