Nixon – 10 day newborn little boy

Nixon was a such a pleasure to photograph – so alert!! So we got some gorgeous open eye photographs.

Let me explain a little of open eye photography for newborns: if possible, I always try to get open eye photographs of my newborn babies!!  They are incredibly precious to the parents as it’s very hard to get some decent ones. Arms and eyes tend go all over the place. But for me to consider taking those images, the baby also has to “meet certain conditions” to add open eye photographs to client’s galleries: they must have a steady look already and they must seem to be alert to their surrounds. If you’ve had a newborn baby, you will know that in the first couple of weeks, their eyes wander all over the place and they often can’t focus on anything. Usually, the babies in my studio like the bright lights – as light is something they will react to. But often, newborn baby eyes can be squinty – in which case I refrain from taking photos. We all know, most squints will disappear within the first 3-4 weeks, however, they are not very attractive for photographs. And by the way, this is the main reason why the sleeping photographs have become so popular in professional photography. 🙂

Anyway – back to Baby Nixon – his eyes were perfectly aligned and he was alert – so as you can see, the open eye photos turn out great and the parents were very happy indeed. 🙂