Outdoor Cake Smash – a whole family celebration

Outdoor Cake Smash – A Family Celebration

This outdoor cake smash was always meant to be a whole family celebration of the little girl turning one. We arranged for the session to take place outdoors because the family wanted to have photographs with the dog too. Don’t they say “never work with children or animals”? Well, during this session I was working with both and it was great fun. The dog ended up joining in the cake eating and smashing.

Balloons, hair crowns and coloured puffs were provided by me and the parents brought the cake, helium ONE and the 1. I also brought along the white blanket and chair.

An outdoor cake smash can easily be arranged and is available at the same price as the studio one. It gives the added advantage that we can take family portraits before the cake smash. This way, you almost get two for one photo shoots. For more information please click here Cake Smash for one-year olds.