Sitter Session – Little Amelia

Sitter Session – Milestone Photography

I photographed little Amelia as a newborn baby and remembered her gorgeous big eyes. But cuteness overload entered my studio when she came back for her sitter session. She was confidently sitting up in my little bowl, although it proved a little hard to tease some smiles out of her. She was looking around with her big eyes taking it all in. But when she did smile, her whole face lit up. So gorgeous!

A Sitter Session is part of my milestone packages, which are priced at $295. I guarantee 10 images from the session, which usually lasts about an hour. I am presently in the process of buying, collecting and making several outfits for these sessions. Not just for girls, but for boys as well. For example, this little romper and brown tutu in the images below can be borrowed for the shoot.