Twin Boys – 4 weeks old – Short & Sweet Package

Welcome James & Beau

Affordable twin photography is not easy to find.  With the expenses of expecting twin, my parents were very happy to have found my Short & Sweet Package. A little apprehensive of how twin photography would go in a limited time span, it went like clockwork. The boys were so well behaved and promptly feel asleep after a tiny top up of milk.

The shoot was just one day before my holidays. The two of them had been born pre-maturely and were “already” four weeks old. But they were still tiny as their actual due date would have been a week after the shoot. Mum & Dad were seasoned parents already and had them ready to go in no time. I love photographing twin. Watching twins of how they interact, putting them close together skin on skin and watch them relax. They may protest to start with, but them they always seem to calm down and are happy to be close to each other.  Loved, loved, loved this session !!